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Meet your next fave summertime pasta! Egg pappardelle tossed in a luscious cream sauce with fresh, bursty summer veg and the best crispy pan-fried chicken. Here we goooo!

Do you know what’s never not delicious? Even in the heat of summer?

Noodles. ♡

And if you should find yourself, sometime in the next week or so, making a rustic garlicky burst-tomato cream sauce speckled with fresh summer sweet corn and CSA zucchini, tossing it with some hot pappardelle, and making a perfect little bed where you can place a piece of juicy pan-fried chicken only to top it all with Parmesan and basil… well, then, this summer is looking good for you.

And the reality of my life right now is that I literally just ate this, like, moments ago, and now I’m looking at it and I want to eat it again. ♡ Ugh. THE POWER OF PASTA. Love and respect.

This DeLallo pappardelle egg pasta is a summer favorite of mine – I mean, yes, also a favorite in every other season, but I like pappardelle for its ability to hold up tender little chunks of super fresh summer produce with its flat, wide shape. And pappardelle can be hard to find, which is why this is an essential to add to your next DeLallo order so you just have it on hand always. Along with the spirali. And the shellbows. Motto for 2021: fun pasta shapes make life better.

I also find cream sauces to work so deliciously with pappardelle, and this egg pasta in particular, because it gives the sauce what it needs for the appropriate balance of silky, slippery, sticky clingy-ness. Find someone who loves you the way this sauce holds on to this pasta. Is that how that works?

The cream sauce here, though – it’s not overly heavy, in my opinion. It’s just enough to hold it all together and give you the little bit of extra-luscious something that makes you try it and say, actually, yes, I think I do need 100 more bites of this. (And you do.)